Virtual Classes

Virtual Group Sessions

Sweat all week long from your living room with our group session. Sign up to get the weekly schedule and register for each class. We have 30 min or 55 min live workout sessions. All classes are between $5-10 and guaranteed to make you sweaty (and happy)
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Private Virtual Sweaty Party

Book a private virtual session for you (and your friends!). Sweat from your home with our signature sweaty party: It is 55 min of HIIT, cardio, easy dance moves, and a massive dose of energy. All are welcome.

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Private Virtual Quick & Sweaty

Book our “Quick & Sweaty” private virtual session. It is 30 min of cardio and toning your abs & booty. It is 30 min of sweatiness and craziness for you (and your friends!) Easy to fit in the schedule. All are welcome.

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Corporate Virtual Workout

Bring sweatiness and happiness to your team! Easy to schedule, it can be done from anywhere in the world, and sessions can be in French & English. It is 45 min of feel-good workout made out of HIIT, cardio, easy dance moves and a lot of jumping around. Two left feet are welcome.

Smiling and Sweating will occur.

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Private Rebel Events

Gather your world on one screen or in real life and let’s celebrate a birthday, a bachelorette party, or any occasion! It is 45 min of craziness and fun with your loved ones! Tell us what you have in mind and tell us what are your favorite songs and we will make it an event to remember!
Let’s celebrate together ( all ages, all are welcome)

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