Meet Julie Be

I am Julie, Half 🇫🇷 Half 🇺🇸. I am a certified instructor, I am allergic to bullsh*t , I lived in 12 countries and I know first hand how short life is.

💫I believe that life is way too short to be boring. I believe that it's not worth living if we don't empower others and I believe in the power of a global community. So I created Rebel Origin.

💪Rebel Origin offers feel-good virtual workout classes, live in person fitness sessions designed to be your dose of energy & motivation. Each week, 14 countries and thousands of you are sweating together. Each class is fun and intense, we sweat we laugh we get stronger, we challenge ourselves and we support each other. If you have taken my class before, you know I laugh, swear, yell, mess up the choreography, don't take myself seriously and give everything I have. I am hyper, I say "kick" instead of "punch" and I will do anything to make you sweat. Every session I leave happier than when I got in and I hope you feel the same way.
It is cardio, toning, a bit of dance moves and a lot of jumping around. All are welcome, including your two left feet.

🛍Rebel Origin Shop offers activewear, athleisure wear and accessories for somewhat responsible rebels allergic to boring lifestyles. Each item is designed to be your dose of , rebellion and empowerment. Wear it for your pre, post or no workout days!

🤟Rebel Origin was created by a Rebel, for Rebels. If you are here, you are already part of the Squad. Once a rebel, always a rebel.

Julie Be